Police Clearance- Bangladesh Nationals

Police clearance - Bangladesh Nationals

Attestation Police Clearance Certificate 

The Bangladeshi citizens residing abroad may directly apply for the Police Clearance Certificate of Bangladesh through their nominated relatives or next of kin (NOK) living in Bangladesh to the concerned police station of the respective residence in Bangladesh. The process should be done through the following two stages: 

First stage (to be done from the High Commission)

Required Documents:

  1. Submit duly fill in prescribed form, Police_clearance_certificate_form_both.pdf
  2. Original passport to be sent with application together with one recent photograph.
  3. Two sets of passport photocopies to be attested by the High Commission.
  4. Notarized authorization letter duly signed by the applicant in favour of the applicant’s next of kin (NOK) in Bangladesh to be attested by the High Commission.
  5. Return Envelope e.g., Canada Post/ DHL/FedEx with the recipient’s detailed address to be sent to the applicant after due attestation of the above-mentioned documents by the High Commission.




Urgent delivery fees within three business days from the date of the receipt of the application

Regular delivery fees within 21 business days from the date of the receipt of the application

C$ 60

C$ 40

 Second stage (to be done in Bangladesh)

Authorized person of the applicant in Bangladesh may apply on behalf of the applicant through the official web link of Bangladesh Police after receiving all the documents as mentioned in the part -1 above from the Bangladesh High Commission, Ottawa.

Note: The applicant will receive the police clearance certificate through their authorized relatives in Bangladesh once Bangladesh Police Authority issues the Certificate to the authorized person. For detailed guidelines of Bangladesh Police click here.


  • The High Commission does not accept any cash or personal Cheque.
  • Bangladesh High Commission accepts payment of consular fees by debit or credit cards at the consular counter of Bangladesh High Commission, Ottawa.
  • Fees for consular services are also accepted by bank draft/money order/pay order/postal order made in-favour of "Bangladesh High Commission, Ottawa, Canada"
  • Fees are non-refundable and rate is subject to change by authorities.