FAQs - Frequently Asked Question

 * Please note that incomplete application will not be processed and returned to the applicant.
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1 Do I need to fill up the form on line for passport, visa or No-Visa Required (NVR)?


1. On-line submission of application should first be made by the applicant: 

a. For passport, http//www.passport.gov.bd

b. For Visa & No Visa www.visa.gov.bd 

2. Then Print the application (after submitting on-line)

3. Submit print out of the filled-in form and supporting documents  to the High Commission. 

2 How long do I have to wait after sending my Foreign passport for getting my No-Visa Required Sticker? 10 (Ten) business days from the date of receiving by Bangladesh High Commission (+ postal time if done by Canada Post).
3 How long is the passport processing time? 

Up to 8 (Eight) weeks (in case of new passport and re-issue) for regular service If applicable depending of positive police verification and subject to arrival of the passport from Dhaka

Up to 4 (Four) weeks (in case of new passport and re-issue) for Express service If applicable depending of positive police verification and subject to arrival of the passport from Dhaka

(+ postal time as done by Canada Post, in both cases).

4 When should I send my passport for re-issue?  At least one month before expiry of the existing passport. 
5 What is the fee for MRP passport, Re-issue and Visa / No-Visa? 

New passport & Reissue: 150 CAD (Regular service) 

300 CAD (Express service)

No-Visa Required Endorsement: 80 CAD.

Visa for Canadian nationals:

100 CAD or Single Entry;

200 CAD for Multiple /Double Entry.

(However, separate visa fees are applicable for nationals of       other countries) 

6 For more than one services, can I pay fees by one bank draft?  No. For different types of services separate fees should be provided.   
7 What documents should I include with my child's No-Visa Required application when I send application via mail?

* Printed copy of the visa form completely filled up on line. Form is  available at www.visa.gov.bd and the same form is valid for visa and No Visa Required endorsement

* Original Canadian passport of the child

* Parents’ BD Passport photocopy

* Child’s Canadian Birth Certificate that has parent’s name/s on it

*1 photo

* 80 CAD bank draft

*paid return envelops (if you want delivery via mail).

8 How to know my application status or convey my concerns?
Any e-mail address to contact?

Email addresses:

1. For Passport Related Queries: 

consular.ottawa@mofa.gov.bd and passportbdhc@rogers.com

2. For Visa and No Visa Required Queries:

consular.ottawa@mofa.gov.bd and visabdhc@rogers.com

3. For Attestation, Police Clearance and Bangladeshi Driver's license and other consular Queries:


4. For Power of Attorney related Queries:


5. For Commercial and Trade Related Queries:


6. For any other Query 


9 What is the address of Bangladesh Consulate in Toronto? 1505-2235 Sheppard Avenue East, Atria II
Toronto, Ontario M2J 5B5, Canada
Switchboard: +1-647-812-2791-2, Fax: +1-416-492-3171
e-mail: mission.toronto@mofa.gov.bd 
10 The Form says Mission/ Bank and Branch section. How do I fill the form and make payment?

*Bank/Mission is the Institution you may order a Bank Draft from. (TD Bank, RBC, CIBC, Canada Post,etc...)

*Branch is the branch name or number where the draft is prepared.

*All information to fill under payment of fee section of the form will  be available on your Bank/postal Draft.

11 For Passport reissue, do I have to fill the online application form too?

No, for reissue of MRP, there is only a one page application form that the application has to fill in saying ’’reissue/correction/alteration’’ -DIP Form 2