Police Clearance- Foreign Nationals

Police clearance - Foreign Nationals

Attestation of Police Clearance Certificate for Foreign Nationals in Bangladesh

Required Documents:

  1. Download application form and filled-in accordingly, Police_clearance_certificate_form_both (1).pdf
  2. The copy of the passport together with two recent photographs;
  3. Resident and business addresses in Bangladesh.
  4. Proof of the duration of stay in Bangladesh.
  5. Return envelope e.g., Canada Post/ DHL/FedEx with the recipient’s address in case of postal delivery;
  6. Contact details both in Bangladesh and Canada 




Urgent delivery fees within three business days from the date of the receipt of the application

Regular delivery fees within 21 business days from the date of the receipt of the application

C$ 60

C$ 40 

Note: The applicant will receive the police clearance certificate once the same will be issued and sent to the High Commission in Ottawa by Bangladesh Police. The required time will depend on the authorities of the Bangladesh Police.


  • The High Commission does not accept any cash or personal Cheque.
  • Bangladesh High Commission accepts payment of consular fees by debit or credit cards at the consular counter of Bangladesh High Commission, Ottawa.
  • Fees for consular services are also accepted by bank draft/money order/pay order/postal order made in-favour of "Bangladesh High Commission, Ottawa, Canada"
  • Fees are non-refundable and rate is subject to change by authorities.