Passport (MRP Reissue Application)

Reissue Application of MRP

Are those having Machine Readable Passport (MRP) already and want to, Get Reissue . This category of applicants can apply in two ways:

  • In-person or
  • Via postal mail by just sending their application and other required supporting documents as detailed below without necessarily visiting the High Commission and submitting their biometric data. The High Commission strongly recommends mailers to use Canada Post mail.

1)        If you are a reissue applicant: 

  • Fill out the reissue form (DIP-2 One page application form).
  • Minors who were younger than 6 years old when they obtained their existing MRP, they have to visit the High Commission office in Ottawa to upgrade Picture and biometrics.

2)        Provide your current Original Bangladesh passport. In the case of lost passport, providing a police report lodged in the local police station with Case No. and reported date is mandatory. Please also include your own cover letter mentioning that you have lost your passport and reported to the police station and mentioning the police station name,  case number and reporting date in your letter as well. Your old passport will be returned back to you with the new one after the appropriate verification is done.

3)       Provide a copy of your passport (page containing personal information (picture page only).

4)       Two recently taken photographs of the applicant (size: 45 mm x 35 mm or any passport size). These photographs are not intended to update the photo on your current passport however, are only used for your paper application. If your current photo on your passport has to be changed, then you will be notified by an officer to come to the Office and have your picture taken here.

5)        In Case of any Correction or Alteration on existing MRP, applicant must provide a legal supporting document. (For instance, if someone needs to make any change in their Marital status, they need to provide copy of supporting Document of Nikahnama and Marriage or Talaknama and Divorce Certificate). In case of applicant’s failure of submit proper supporting document will delay the processing time.

6)        Provide a copy of your legal status in Canada (Passport/PR/Work Permit/Study Permit) . 

7)        Mode of Payment

A)  The fee has to be paid by Bank Draft/Pay Order/ Postal order in favor of or payable to "Bangladesh High Commission, Ottawa"/ “Bangladesh High Commission”.

B)  The applicant can also pay by Credit/ Debit Card in favor of Bangladesh High Commission by being present at the High Commission office in Ottawa.

C)  No personal check or cash is accepted.

8)     At your convenience, you can pick up your new passport from the High Commission on the time schedule suggested by the High Commission otherwise, provide an extra registered return envelope with the applicant’s full and correct address well written on it.

9)     Send your application by the High Commission's Address mentioned on the Contact us page if you choose to use the mail service.

The High Commission bears no responsibility for delay or failure of delivery if that mentioned address is wrong, invisible or incomplete. 

Please note that the guidelines provided in this page are indicative. The High Commission reserves the right to request for any additional document at any stage for scrutiny by the Consular Officer before rendering any service.

10) How to fill out the form: 

  • For MRP Reissue form please click here
  • Please DO NOT forget to sign your application and write payment details on part provided on your application.
  • Name of Division will be Bangladesh High Commission, Ottawa,
  • Bank/Mission is the Institution you may order a Bank Draft from, (TD Bank ,RBC, Canada Post, etc...)
  • Branch is the branch name or number where the draft is prepared,
  • All information to fill under payment of fee section of the form will be available on your Bank/postal Draft,

11)      How to make an Appointment, Submission and Delivery:

 All applicants wishing to submit their applicant in person must make prior appointment with the High Commission. For Appointment Please click here

Applicants sending their application by mail may opt to avail a self-addressed return envelope which has a tracking number for returning their new and old passport. The High Commission bears no responsibility for delay or failure of delivery if their mentioned address is wrong or incomplete.

12)      Fees and Processing time:

Sl. No.


Processing Time





Within 6 to 8 weeks (minimum), depending on 

the arrival of the passport from Dhaka.

C$ 150.00

Subject to the arrival of the passport 

from Dhaka



Within 3-5 weeks , depending on the arrival of the passport from Dhaka.

C$ 300.00

Subject to the arrival of the passport 

from Dhaka

13)    Delivery of the passport:

After completion of the enrollment process, the High Commission gives the applicant a tentative date of delivery for the Machine-Readable Passport. The passport is printed in Dhaka and later sent to the Mission.

14)      How to check status of MRP issuance:

Applicants can contact the High Commission if their application has sur passed Eight weeks for Regular service or Four weeks for Express service since it has been received by the High Commission office.

To Check Your Application Status, Please Use The Following Link, Your enrollment ID number will be available after we received your application and once it enrolled in our system after.

15)      For hand Pick:

The applicant may come to the High Commission in person, along with existing Bangladesh Passport /personal identification and/or delivery slip to receive New MRP from the counter. However, before visiting the High Commission counter, the applicant is strongly advised to obtain confirmation from the High Commission about arrival of the MRP from Bangladesh.

 16) Common delays of your application:

  • Forget to sign your application with mention of place and date,
  • Not providing documents listed above and supporting documents,
  • All fees not be payable to “BANGLADESH HIGH COMMISSION, OTTAWA”.
  • Inappropriate fees /charges or none for the service requested. Please check processing fees above.
  • Forget to send paid express return envelop having correct and full address.
  • During filling-up the form, please type or write by hand in block-letters; illegibility may cause delay or even nullify the process.

If you are willing to receive delivery by mail, please use the guaranteed or registered or express mail of Canada Post. Ordinary mail sometimes gets lost or causes unexpected delay. Please also enclose a self-addressed express return envelope of Canada Post. The High Commission bears no responsibility for delay or failure of delivery if that mentioned address is wrong or incomplete.

 Please note: Incomplete form will not be processed and the High Commission will not be held responsible for such applications.