Around 100,000 Bangladeshi-origin people are living in Canada. Professionals were the first immigrants from Bangladesh who began to migrate to Canada in the 1960s. Some came to Canada for higher education as well as professional training and then settled down as immigrants. The migration increased over the later decades, and reached its peak in the late 80s. The immigration of Bangladeshis to Canada takes place in two categories namely skilled workers category and family category. Bangladeshis live primarily in provinces like Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, Saskatchewan and Alberta, and major cities like Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina and Ottawa.

With high concentrations of Bangladeshis living in east Toronto, adjacent to Scarborough, Victoria Avenue and Danforth, the community is highly mobilized in terms of their welfare under various associations. The Bangladeshis living in Montreal, with the majority of community members migrating between 1991 and 2011 is also vibrant. The neighbourhoods of Parc-Extension and Plamondon are where many Bangladeshis reside.

Many Bangladeshi Canadians have also earned a name in businesses. Apart from medium and small business establishments, one can see Bangladeshi restaurants, groceries, boutiques selling clothing and other goods everywhere in Canada. Culturally they are also very active which can be evident in their observation of all Bangladeshi national festivities with much enthusiasm and vigour.

A number of Bangla weeklies/quarterlies are published either on online or in printed version from the major cities in Canada.