Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney

For attestation of Power of Attorney, the applicant must sign on the document before the concerned officer of the Mission. 

Required documents for Power of Attorney: 

The procedure and document requirement for Attestation of any Power of Attorney (PoA) by this High Commission are as follows:

1)      Submit duly fill in prescribed form 1 and 2

        Power_of_Attorney.pdf Form 1 and Am_Moktar_Nama.pdf Form 2

2)      Please enclose 02 (two) passport size photo of the Executor (who gives the authority) and one same-size photo of the Nominee (who gives the authority) on top of the document. All photos should be taken within six months of submission of the application to this High Commission.

3)      A Power of Attorney shall be issued only based on the production of Valid Bangladeshi Passports and NID (if available) of both the Executor and the Nominee.

4)      The Executor needs to sign the PoA document in person before the Consular Officer of the High Commission. 

5)      No Notarized Document (by any Canadian Notary Public) shall be accepted.

6)      The original or copy of the land/property ownership document/record should be produced before the consular officer of the High Commission

7)      To applying for attestation of PoA, the Executor shall require first, sending copies of all necessary documents, excepting the fees, as detailed here (filled in form, Copy of Valid Bangladeshi passport, Valid Canadian status, PoA document, property ownership document, photo etc.) by email to poa.ottawa@gmail.com. All incomplete applications will be rejected. 

8)      The High Commission will then review the documents submitted by email and in due course Mission will send further guidance.

9)      Following this Mission’s guidance, the applicant then needs to make an appointment with the High Commission before visiting for attestation of PoA. To book an appointment please call +1-613-236-0138 extension 0.

10)   Please also submit one set of photocopies of the PoA to be attested for official use. Non-submission of the photocopy of the documents will lead to the pending of the attestation. 

11)   Please note that your fees/charges vary according to your choice of service priority (Regular or Urgent). For details of the fees, please see the table at the bottom of this page. 

12)   While visiting the High Commission for attesting of PoA, a self-addressed envelope with sufficient postal stamps to return by registered or guaranteed or express post should be submitted through which the High Commission will mail the PoA to the applicant after necessary verification.


Please note: Incomplete form and insufficient documentation will not be processed, and the High Commission will not be held responsible for such application.



Urgent Fee(Processing time 3 business days)  

Regular Fee(Processing time 21 business days)  


Attestation of Power of Attorney from 01 to o5 pages.

C$ 60.00

C$ 40.00

Attestation of Power of Attorney more than 5 pages up to 8 pages.

C$ 100.00

C$ 70.00

Beyond limit any POA  or legal document/more than 08 pages additional pages fees per page

C$ 5.00

C$ 5.00

  • The High Commission does not accept any cash or personal Cheque.
  • Bangladesh High Commission accepts payment of consular fees by debit or credit cards at the consular counter of Bangladesh High Commission, Ottawa.
  • Fees for consular services are also accepted by bank draft/money order/pay order/postal order made in-favour of "Bangladesh High Commission, Ottawa, Canada"
  • Fees are non-refundable and rate is subject to change by authorities.